About Us

We are passionate about what we do, the founder and CEO Adrian McCarthy has been in the industry since its birth and one of the ‘Pioneers’ of the digital revolution. Early adoption of digital within the industry meant a head start of quite a few years starting in digital design and graphic production and moved into websites in the later part of the 90’s at the very beginning of the internet in a user friendly environment.

Prior to this files were transferred using dedicated twin phone lines called ISDN. This was expensive, and required a dedicated computer with a modem which would dial into the internet and then search could begin. Broadband replaced this and became available to everyone, then mobile phones began to emerge with browsers and the rest is what we all take for granted now.

Original programs like Freeway and other html construction meant a deeper understanding of the process. Then Google was an emerging search engine, there was Netscape Navigator, Ask Jeeves, lycos, altavista webcrawler, dogpile (yes and they are still going) excite, yahoo and hotbot.

So from the very beginning we have worked hard to get clients listed on the front page of of the main search engines.

The process is in continual change and keeping ahead of googles constant updates is vital to our business. So if you want to be ahead of your competitors talk to us, gain an insight and gain traffic.

If you own a business you cannot afford to ignore SEO and how it will grow your business.