What will it cost ?

SEO is all about following a set of rules and procedures to achieve the one thing you need – This is not a dark art or magic, its following the rules and ‘googles’ requirements, step by step, adjusting website metatags, page names, content and copy, H1 and H2 tags, linking with relevant websites, blogs with interesting articles, social media where needed. Then once results start to be seen ensuring the competition is not beating you back.

Thats why we offer different pack levels to obtain the correct results. Your decision should not be based on price, but by evaluating the competition and how much work is going to be required to gain a higher position than them. Once you are getting more contact you will gain more business and income.

Standard Pack

Our standard pack will do what your company needs to get found on google

This is recommended to get your business noticed.

We follow a standard set of rules, we aim to ‘organically get you up the list on google. This is all based on the amount of time spent on SEO work and may take a little longer, this is ideal for companies who have already been active online and are looking to gain better and more consistent results and awareness.

£300 per month, 6 month minimum contract. Subject to VAT at the current rate.

High Standards

This is aimed at businesses who rely on their website to bring in sales and orders directly and gain strong google results. More hours are spent each month tweaking and gaining faster and solid results.

£600 per month minimum 6 month contract. Subject to VAT at the current rate.

Serious players

Any ecommerce business or online shop in various markets, clothing, automotive electronic products, mobile telephony  and any business dependent on online sales with little or no other promotional work.

£1000+ per month depending on business competition. Minimum 6 month contract. Subject to VAT at the current rate.

PPC (pay per click) and google adwords campaign

If fast results and sales are required this is a must for any business, done correctly this is an instant win. Your business must have enough profits in the sale to ensure the costs are accounted for but the effectiveness is obvious very quickly.

Our cost to manage the campaign is £200 per month with the ppc cost on top with limits set and keyword analysis.

Getting Started

Get in touch today to find out what you need, a face to face meeting or phone meeting is essential for us to get an understanding of your business and what your goals are. call or email now. This costs you nothing to find out.

Please have ready your company details, any preferred keywords, website address, contact details and your anticipated spend. We will talk you through your options and recommend the best service for you.

We invoice on commencing the project and on a monthly basis. We will require access to your website or if you prefer to make the changes yourself or with your web developer we will provide details of what is required in a document once payment is received.

Please note we are a business with overheads such as computers, software and staff and as such cannot offer free advice, SEO is a time consuming job and needs to be carried out by skilled and knowledgeable specialists.

It is better that we start at the beginning and if bad practice has been done on the website it often takes longer to undo this work especially poor quality backlinks and copy. Once poor quality work is in google it is not easy to get it unlisted.